Fazekas, a specialist mathematics school in Budapest

A comment on the specialist mathematics schools proposal: some facts Fazekas, a specialist mathematics school in Hungary:

  1. Fazekas is not a boarding school,
  2. Specialised mathematical classes from grade 7 to 12 (age 12-18)
  3. number of math lessons/week in the 6 years 5+5+8+8+7+7 (each lesson is 45 minutes

Some important aspects:

  1. You need good students who are willing to learn math.
  2. You need teachers who are good both in maths and teaching.
  3. You need good curricula, teaching material, problem sets.

Some important principles:

  1. We do not teach formulas, methods directly. We try to discover as many things with the students as we can.
  2. We do not teach university math material earlier. Our curricula is wider and deeper then the normal secondary one.
  3. Focus is on how to prove statements, theorems and how to solve problems.

This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the specialised math classes at Fazekas. I can imagine a nice cooperation with the UK math schools, we might share our experience and give help.

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