Most GCSE equivalents axed from school league tables

From BBC, by Hannah Richardson:

Ministers have cut the value of more than 3,100 vocational qualifications, ending their recognition in England’s school league tables.

Courses such as a diploma in horse care can be worth the same as four GCSEs.

But from 2014 only 70 “equivalents” will count in the tables’ headline GCSE measure and on a like-for-like basis with GCSEs. […]

The move is a clear disincentive for schools to continue offer such qualifications, and the government had instructed them to wait for its final list before changing their timetables for September 2012.

Education Secretary Michael Gove said the changes would extend opportunity because only qualifications which had demonstrated rigour, and had track records of taking young people into good jobs or university would count in the future. […]

As well as the 70 equivalents that will count towards the school’s five good GCSE grades including English and maths, a further 55 will be valid for other league table measures.

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