Mathematical Cultures I

This conference (see  Project Overview) is partially supported by the LMS and will take place in the  De Morgan House on 10-12 September 2012.

10-12 September 2012

10 September

11:30–12:00 Brendan Larvor (opening remarks)

12:00—13:00 Karine Chemla

13:00—14:00 Lunch

14:00—15:00 Ursula Martin

15.15—15:50 Slava Gerovitch. Creative Discomfort: The Culture of the Gelfand Seminar at Moscow University

15:50—16:25 Jean-Michel Kantor. The Russian tradition of mathematics: Philosophical, religious and cultural roots of the Moscow school of mathematics through the last century.

16:25—16:50 Tea

16:50—17:25 Silvia De Toffoli and Valeria Giardino. Low-dimensional Topology as Visual Mathematics

11 September

9:30 – 10:30 Christian Greiffenhagen

10:30—11:00 Coffee

11.00—11:35 Anouk BarberousseRossana Tazzioli and Emma Sallent Del Colombo. A story about vectors and tensors – Notation, aesthetic values, and mathematical cultures

11:35—12.10  Rogério Siqueira. Mathematical practices in three engineering schools in the Brazilian First Republic (1889-1930)

12:25—13:00 Stav Kaufman. Two Dualities: an Anthropology of a Mathematical Result

13:00—14:00 Lunch

14:00—15:00 Norbert Schappacher

15.15—15:50 Albrecht Heeffer. The Abbaco mathematical culture (1300 – 1500)

15:50—16:25 Henrik Kragh Sørensen. ‘The End of Proof’? The integration of different mathematical cultures as experimental mathematics comes of age

16:25—16:50 Tea

16:50—17:25 Katalin Gosztonyi. Mathematical Culture and Mathematics Education in Hungary in the XXth Century

12 September

9:30 – 10:30 Alexandre Borovik. Specialist mathematics schools

10:30—10.45  Coffee

10.45—11.45: Snezana Lawrence

12.00 – 13:00 Paul Andrews

13:00—14:00 Lunch

14:00—15:30 Plenary session and final remarks


The conference fee is £15 per person per day.  Please indicate when you register which days you wish to attend, and specify any dietary needs. There are funds available to support postgraduates–please enquire by e-mail.

Payment page


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