Musings of a Mathematical Mom

[Reposted from Alexandra O Fradkin’s blog Musings of a Mathematical Mom; listed in reverse chronological order]

Witnessing the woes of math homework

Highlights of 2017

Discovering the area of a trapezoid

“Math you can play” – books with games

Isometric graph paper and 3D pictures

Fun with pentacubes

Funville Adventures launched!

Counting crocodile legs

Drawing heads, tails, knees, and toes – useful?

Counting beads

Playing Broken Telephone

A figure with pointy things and a line, a line, and a line

Protecting against magic

Skip counting or word skipping?

Numicon – combining geometry and arithmetic

Discussing the meaning of “almost” with an 8 year old

From math-hater to mathematician and computer scientist: The story of Allison Bishop

A number talk that turned into an investigation

Funville Adventures live on Kickstarter!

Logical Fun, Part II

Get ready for Funville Adventures!

Games with the multiplication table

Logical Fun, Part I

Arithmetic games – is that boring?

Playing with symmetry in kindergarten

The joys of peas and toothpicks for all ages!

Math enrichment – what is the value?

3-digit numbers are tricky! Part II

Entertaining kindergartners with caterpillars, dots, and monsters

3-digit numbers are tricky!

Games with tanks and mirror books

Measuring everything in sight!

Functions in Kindergarten – A favorite

Avoid Hard Work! – A book for problem-solvers of all levels (toddler to mathematician)

Lots of fun with Tiny Polka Dot

Conservation of fingers and toes

Dots in a Square from Math Without Words

Double perfect squares

Four colors or more?

The Piaget Phenomenon

Time, symmetry, and unexpected turns

Why not count on our fingers?

Fibonacci Trees

Numbers on a Line