Teacher shortages in England, spending watchdog confirms

This is a follow-up to the story about teacher shortages. , BBC:

Teacher shortages in England are growing and the government has missed recruitment targets for four years, the official spending watchdog [the National Audit Office]  has said.

Quotes about mathematics:

Teacher training places filled against targets, by subject

Filling_olaces_in_training_10Feb16[Source: National College for Teaching and Leadership 2015/16]


Head teachers’ unions said the report echoed their own research.

“The acute difficulties recruiting in maths, English, science and languages are now extending to most other areas of the curriculum,” said Malcolm Trobe, interim general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders.

Proportion of trainee teachers with 2:1 degree or above
Average for all trainee entrants was 75%
[Source: National College for Teaching and Leadership]
Political infighting:

National Association of Head Teachers general secretary Russell Hobby warned of “a significant difference between official statistics and the perceptions of those in schools.

We’d welcome the opportunity to sit down formally with the DfE… but as yet, they’re not willing to acknowledge the scale of the problem.

Labour’s shadow education secretary Lucy Powell called the report “a further wake-up call for the Tory government who have been in denial and neglectful about teacher shortages“.

‘Negative picture’

A Department for Education spokeswoman said the report made clear

that despite rising pupil numbers and the challenge of a competitive jobs market, more people are entering the teaching profession than leaving it, there are more teachers overall and the number of teachers per pupil hasn’t suffered“.

Indeed the biggest threat to teacher recruitment is that the teaching unions and others, use every opportunity to talk down teaching as a profession, continually painting a negative picture of England’s schools.


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