INDRUM2016 Update

First conference of the International Network for Didactic
Research in University Mathematics (INDRUM)
March 31 – April 2, 2016 – Montpellier (France)
Second Announcement & Call for Papers

Information on how to contribute to and attend the conference:

INDRUM 2016 is an ERME Topic Conference:

INDRUM2016 is the first in a series of biennial and bilingual conferences that will address all aspects of research in didactics of mathematics at tertiary level, including students’ and teachers’ practices and the teaching and learning of specific mathematical
topics. The conference aims to attract researchers in didactics of mathematics at university level, mathematicians and any teacher or researcher with interest in university mathematics education (UME). The conference programme consists of: a plenary lecture, a panel discussion, thematic working groups (6h each), short communications in parallel (two sessions of 1h30m each) and a permanent poster exhibition. Michèle Artigue (University Paris Diderot, France) will be the plenary speaker. The conference proceedings will be available before the conference and we aim to publish a post-conference book. This conference is part of the work of INDRUM (International Network for Didactic Research in University Mathematics), an international network initiated by a team of researchers in university-level didactics of mathematics. INDRUM aims to contribute to the development of research in didactics of mathematics at all levels of tertiary education, with a particular focus on building  research capacity in the field and on strengthening the dialogue with the mathematics community.

We now invite paper and poster proposals on the following two broad Thematic Working Groups (TWG):

TWG1 Teachers’ and students’ practices at university level, including: transition to university mathematics; challenges for, and novel approaches to, teaching; the role of ICT and other resources; assessment; and the preparation and training of university mathematics teachers.

TWG2 Teaching and learning of specific topics in university mathematics, mainly from analysis and calculus

– linear and abstract algebra
– logic, reasoning and proof
– number theory and discrete mathematics
– mathematics and other fields

This includes research on: innovative course or task design; theoretical studies of mathematical themes in view of their teaching and learning; and, research on the teaching and learning of specific contents in different contexts, such as study programmes or institutions.

Submissions should comply with the guidelines for CERME conferences
and the INDRUM template. Please indicate in your submission if your contribution is theoretical or empirical and to which of the above TWGs it mostly belongs. The selection of papers and posters to be presented will be conducted through peer review coordinated by the Scientific Committee.


October 1,  2015       Registration opens
October 31, 2015      Deadline for submission of paper or poster proposals
December 15, 2015  Deadline for reviewers to submit reviews
December 31, 2015  Deadline for decisions about paper or poster acceptance
January 31, 2016      Deadline for revisions of papers
February 29, 2016   Third announcement including conference programme; proceedings available on website
March 31, 2016        Conference opens
April 2, 2016            Conference closes

We look forward to your submissions and to working further towards a stimulating and exciting conference!

Elena Nardi (Norwich, United Kingdom) Chair, e.nardi >>at<<
Carl Winsløw (Copenhagen, Denmark) co-Chair, winslow >>at<<

 Read more at INDRUM 2016 website


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