The Great Mystery of Malta’s Learning Outcomes Framework

Important update below: it is no longer a mystery.

Malta’s new Learning Outcomes Framework is an important case study of the European Union’s approaches to implementation of its education policies in member countries. For that reason the Framework deserves a close attention.

An attempt to study the official website

immediately leads to a question:

Who had actually developed the Framework?

According to Wikipedia, population of Malta is about 445,000. When compared with the City of Manchester (about 514,000), it becomes clear that development of the Framework is a job beyond capabilities of a small nation.

So, external consultants were hired, some institutions or companies from English speaking parts of Europe. Taking into consideration traditional cultural connections, this part of Europe is likely to be the UK.

Added 24 August 2015:  Indeed I could not locate contractor’s names using advanced Google search on,but  serendipitously discovered their logos in the document Joint Venture Presentation dated 28  Jan 2015:

IoE_24Aug15Outlook Coop is a company on Malta specialising in project management with expertise in EU funded projects. 

East Cost Education Ltd is a small private company based in Northumbira with specialism, judging by their website,  concentrated mostly in vocational education and training. In recent years, they worked on Malta on several projects in vocational training.

Institute of Education, London, is

the world’s leading centre for education and applied social science.

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