Why I an teaching a math circle

At some point, I have compiled a short list of reasons why I get a lot of satisfaction from teaching a math circle.  I love:

  • -the equality and feeling of mutual respect and attention that develops between me and math circle participants
  • the democracy/lack of authority that shows us the “right answer”
  • seeing the  value alignment and  deep intellectual friendship that develops among the participants
  • sharing children’s excitement when they realize their own powers
  • the feeling of freedom they develop when they get rid of their own mental blocks
  • the intellectual stimulation of choosing the problems and personalizing and  teaching them to a particular audience
  • when children  realize that they feel happy from doing a challenging job
  • observing their self-discovery
  • observing as children come up with amazing solutions and counter-intuitive discoveries
  • getting a fresh view of the beauty and awesomeness of the world we observe and create  – thus multiplying my own happiness

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