Sign the petition: “Mathematics Education category to arXiv”

Pleas consider signing the petition  “ Add math.ED – Mathematics Education category to arXiv” on

The virtues of the arXiv are well known. Yet, there is currently no dedicated category on the arXiv for mathematics education research. The math.HO – History and Overview category lists mathematics education as one of the possible topics, but it doesn’t appear to be commonly used for this purpose. In contrast, there is an active physics education category (physics.ed-ph). Unfortunately, at this time, there is not a culture among math ed folks to utilize pre-print servers like the arXiv. However, if there is going to be a cultural shift, there needs to be a dedicated repository for math ed papers. Authors need to know where to submit papers and readers need to know where to look. A category called History and Overview doesn’t cut it. A precedent has been set by the physics education crew and we should follow in their footsteps. It is also worth mentioning that Mathematics Education is listed as one of the American Mathematical Society’s subject classification codes (number 97). If you are in favor of the arXiv including math.ED – Mathematics Education as a category, please sign the petition.  If you would also utilize this category by uploading articles related to mathematic education, please leave a comment indicating that this is the case.

Here’s the link:

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