National Curriculum to be published today

From BBC:

The re-written national curriculum, to be published on Monday, will set out the framework for what children in England’s state schools should be taught between the ages of five and 14. […] However academies – which are now a majority of secondary schools – will not be required to follow the curriculum. […]

The changes will include fractions for five year olds […]

Education Secretary Michael Gove said the new-look curriculum would provide the “foundation for learning the vital advanced skills that universities and businesses desperately need – skills such as essay writing, problem-solving, mathematical modelling, and computer programming“.

In maths, there will be an expectation of a higher level of arithmetic at an earlier age. There will be a requirement for pupils to learn their 12 times table by the age of nine, rather than the current 10 times table by the age of 11.


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