The De Morgan Journal: change of the name

By a decision of the LMS Education Committee, The De Morgan Journal changes its name to The De Morgan Gazette (ISSN 2053-1451).

The last paper of the old Journal and the first paper of the new Gazette are two parts of Tony Gardiner’s analysis of changes in Mathematics GCSE:

The De Morgan Gazette is a part of a wider online forum and blog on mathematics education, hosted by the London Mathematical Society for the benefit of the mathematics community. It was previously published under the name of The De Morgan Journal and had ISSN 2049-6559 (online).

The aims of the The De Morgan Gazette are

  • to encourage academic mathematicians to reflect on current issues in education,
  • to encourage them to explore the links between higher mathematics and elementary mathematics,
  •  to examine policy implications which could be important for the wider mathematical/ educational/scientific community.

The general editorial control of the Blog and co-hosted repositories of papers, video and audio materials, etc., belongs to the Education Committee of the London Mathematical Society.

The editorial process is simplified and light touch and is concerned mostly with general readability and decent (non-managerialist!) style. However all papers are open for post-publication discussion, comments and review in the associated Blog (and comments are warmly welcome); in that sense, all contributions and papers will be post-reviewed. Click here for  submission procedure.


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