Investigation of international mathematical cultures

Do you have experience of the education system in another country as a member of staff? If so, I need your help.

I am carrying out a project funded by the Higher Education Academy to investigate the different international cultures surrounding mathematics education. The purpose of the project is to identify the key differences and then to produce a guide, in the form of a short booklet and a supporting web-site, that will provide a summary of the mathematical cultures of a range of the main international supplies (of staff and of students) to mathematics in UK HE.

If you have experience of mathematics education in other countries then you have valuable information to contribute to this project. I would be grateful if you would complete the online questionnaire. This questionnaire contains 10 substantive questions and should take no more than 10-15 minutes to complete. All the information that you provide will be treated in confidence. If you would like further information about the study, please contact Dr Aiping Xu (telephone 024 7688 7590 or email aiping.xu>>at<<


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