Free school for mathematics at Exeter University

From The Guardian:

Exeter University […] will jointly run one of the government’s flagship free schools with Exeter college, according to the Department for Education. The school is expected to open in Exeter in September 2014, and will cater for about 120 pupils aged 16 to 19 who want to study maths.

A fifth of pupils will be able to stay at the university between Monday and Thursday, the department said, in a bid to attract youngsters from across the south-west.

From the Exeter University website:

The Free School has been awarded a development grant and is scheduled to open in September 2014, subject to receiving funding agreement. It would be the second planned specialist maths Free School, following King’s College London proposal to open a 16-19 school in London, announced last month.

[…] Students will take maths A level, as well as the STEP (Sixth Term Examination Paper) advanced maths exam, a pre-requisite for undergraduate entry to some of the leading university maths departments.

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