Mathematics in a high pressure cooker

From China Daily:

Olympiads for young children could be a damaging formula, reports Luo Wangshu in Beijing.

OK, answer this question. The marines are assigning dorms to new recruits. If each available room is shared by three marines, 20 will have nowhere to sleep. If six share a room, two lucky marines can each have a room to themselves. If 10

share each room, how many rooms will be left unoccupied?

This may not be a tough assignment for an experienced sergeant or applicants for high school or college, but the brainteaser (answer on page 6) isn’t for them. It’s for 8-year-old students at after-school or weekend classes in Beijing.

In August, the city’s education authority banned schools from awarding places to students simply on the basis of an outstanding performance in the Mathematics Olympiads, held every academic year, in November, April, May and June.

Read the whole article.

From China Daily: Wang Fengshu watches with concern etched on her face as her grandson Tang Haolong figures it out at a math olympiad class in Wuhan, Hubei province.

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