Gove pushes on with plans for the return of O-levels

From Mail Online:

Michael Gove will this week press ahead with reforms designed to fix the ‘broken’ exam system as he vows to replace GCSEs with a more rigorous, O-level style of exam.

The Education Secretary is expected to unveil plans to introduce a new qualification before the next election in 2015, arguing that GCSEs ‘haven’t worked’. […]

The proposals will be put out for consultation before the new examination is introduced in 2014.

The Education Secretary says the Government will consult experts, teachers and parents on what the new examination, and its grades, should be called.

‘The aim is to ensure that we have an examination that recognises the genuinely academically gifted by making sure that top grade, an A or whatever it might be called, is clearly a sign of someone who is a high flier, but at the same time, this examination, we hope, will ensure that all children – we hope the majority will take it at 16, some may take it at the age of 17 or 18 – that all children can have their fluency in English, mathematics and other subjects like history and physics recognised.”

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