Natasha Billing: Everything is mathematical

I wanted to get in touch to let you know about a new maths website Everything is mathematical, a site that we’ve built to support a brilliant new book collection that explains how maths shapes the world around us. I can send you a PDF of the first book, ‘The Golden Ratio’ to preview, so please let me know, by emailing at >>>at<<<,

whether this is of interest.

Presented by Marcus du Sautoy, the 44-part series is aimed to introduce you to a range of mathematical topics in an approachable style, and is aimed at young and old alike – in fact the only requirement for enjoying these books is a curious mind and a thirst for understanding. The series approaches the subject of mathematics in a completely new, fresh and reader-friendly way, and covers a range of topics such as: the Golden Ratio, Prime Numbers, the Fourth Dimension, Fermat’s Enigma, the Secrets of Pi and Chaos Theory.

We’ve also built a website that goes along with the series that will feature news, videos and puzzles from the world of maths, as well as stories about maths innovators and heroes. We’ll be updating this every week, so please check it out.

We will be setting a weekly video maths challenge, the first of which is presented by Marcus du Sautoy, and will post the solution a week later. Visitors to the website will be able to enter a competition every week.

The first challenge video can be found here.

We were wondering if you would like to review the series for us, and we’d like to offer some copies of some books from the series to give away as a competition prize on your site or blog? We would love it if you wrote about the books and the site, as well as checking out the challenges and solutions on the website.

It would be great to hear your thoughts on the site and series, so please drop me a note and let me know what you think.

4 thoughts on “Natasha Billing: Everything is mathematical

  1. The first book, (The Golden Ratio), is fabulous, (so far), it seems to show maths not as a series of ways of answering maths questions nor a purely pop maths/science book but a combination of the two. With very interesting historical and modern facts and ideas.
    But i can’t seem to read the web page because the pop up intro. video keeps popping up.
    I am actually hesitating over subscribing, it does say in the ‘blurb’ that maths isn’t just about computers etc. But is it available for e-reader?


  2. My concern with this series is that, without sufficient numbers of subscribers, it will be quietly discontinued part way through. I’m sure that many parents would readilly order the full set if it was available.


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