“Gold” open access: implications for mathematics education research

A comment by Mark to a paper in Times Higher Education:

The call for “gold” open access (whether it comes from the report or the government) looks like yet another example of policy-makers failing to appreciate the differences in the structure of research across disciplines. In some areas (esp. the experimental sciences) research is only conducted by those with access to external funding, which would require only a slight increase to cover publishing costs. But in others (esp. “lone scholar” subjects such as mathematics and the arts), a great deal of quality research is done by academic staff with no external funding, and also by retired staff (some with emeritus positions, some with no affiliation at all). Who is going to foot the bill for this research to be published in quality journals if we move to an “author-pays” model?

In my opinion, “mathematics education research”  can be added to the list of disciplines disadvantaged by the “author pays” model of publishing.

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