Shortage of qualified mathematics teachers continues to grow

27.1 per cent of teachers leading mathematics classes in the current academic year fail to hold a degree in the subject, up from 26 per cent 12 months earlier. Data for 2010 and 2011 can be found in Tables 13 of DfE documents SFR 6/2011 and SFR 06/2012.

1 thought on “Shortage of qualified mathematics teachers continues to grow

  1. As I read the statistical report (section headed “Teacher qualifications and curriculum” about 5% of the way through the 2011 statistics – the pages aren’t numbered) 27% of mathematics teachers did not have a “relevant post-A level qualification”. This is much smaller than the percentage without a degree in the subject. Table 13 states that only 45% of mathematics teachers have a degree in a “relevant subject” (which again, one suspects will mostly not be a maths degree).

    At one point it says: “a teacher’s qualification was deemed as ‘relevant’ to the subject taught if the subject of their qualification, reported using the Joint Academic Coding System (JACS), appeared in the list of JACS codes in the Department’s subject mapping.” I failed to find the relevant ‘subject mapping’: it presumably includes, but is probably much wider than, the “G…” labelled courses to be found at



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