Debate around the Khan Academy

A paper by Angela ChenParody Critiques Popular Khan Academy Videos, in The Chronicle of Higher Education, about John Golden‘s   and David Coffey‘s critical review of the Khan Academy online videos . John Golden’s post in his math hombre blog. A follow-up post.


3 thoughts on “Debate around the Khan Academy

  1. I have done a Khan critique video using Popcorn Maker. This was based on Kate Nowak doing it first using Popcorn Maker. I did an analysis of one of Khan’s put call parity videos, the clarification one. Khan in that video around 55 seconds in will use the same symbol S for the input variable, the Stock Price (or Share Price) and the strike price (usually K) of the two options (which have a common strike price K).

    Drag in to 55 seconds to see where Khan makes the error.

    If you search on put call parity you find that there are many others doing it, all doing it better than Khan.

    Khan has a Harvard Business School MBA and worked at a hedge fund.
    Put call parity is considered low tech for MBAs and hedge funds. Put call parity is something expected on the CFA exam or actuary exams. It is not advanced financial math. More advanced problems than put call parity are on the Tripos finance exams.

    Khan has not done a Black Scholes video or Ito’s Lemma despite requests for the former.

    I have more info at a blog entry on this. This includes a link to Kate Nowak’s blog entry on her use of Popcorn Maker. Her example is better for understanding its capabilities.


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