Exam standards fall in “race to the bottom”, MPs will say

From The Telegraph:

MPs will this week call for radical changes to the public examinations system to halt a decline in standards.

A report by the all-party Education Select Committee will say that the quality of GCSEs and A-levels has been compromised by a structure which allows competition between exam boards. […]

It is expected to call for the current system of multiple exam syllabuses jostling for business to be scrapped and replaced with one national syllabus for key GCSE subjects. […]

Competition would be removed in key subjects such as maths, English and science and possibly history, geography and modern foreign languages, the other subjects that make up the EBacc. […]

The report is also expected to recommend that exam boards ban the use of their logos and the reproduction of examination material in text books produced by commercial publishers marketed to specific qualifications.

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1 thought on “Exam standards fall in “race to the bottom”, MPs will say

  1. To paraphrase Mark Steyn (he was dinsscsiug healthcare in Canada, but the argument applies equally to education in England), once you accept the the state can run your education system, you must also accept that it can do so however it wishes.


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