A Level Reform Consultation


This consultation considers proposals for the reform of A levels in England. We are seeking views from higher education, employers, learned societies, colleges, schools and others so that A levels are the best that they can be.

You can download a copy in PDF format, A Level Reform Consultation [PDF, 557KB].

The deadline for responses to this survey is 11th September 2012.

Find out how to respond. To register for one of the events, or to request more details, please email  reform@ofqual.gov.uk:

  • 18th July in Birmingham and 5th September in London for schools and colleges 
  • 25th July in Birmingham and 24th August in London for the Higher Education community  
  • 27th July in Manchester, 10th August in Birmingham and 29th August in London for all interested stakeholders including those who are unable to make the other dates above. 

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