Enrolment in teacher training: mathematics is up, media studies are down

The same can be seen across all subjects: “hard” are up, “soft are down. Source: Hansard, Written Answers to Questions, Tuesday 27 March 2012, Columns 1037W and 1038W.

Comments from TheTelegraph:

places to teach media studies fell by 66 per cent, leisure and tourism and textiles were down by 50 per cent, psychology and business studies fell by a third, while citizenship places dropped by 21 per cent.

At the same time, the proportion of training places handed to history teachers was up by 24 per cent.

Maths trainee places increased by 18 per cent, while numbers rose by 15 per cent in English, 12 per cent in science and 11 per cent in both foreign languages and geography.

These six core subjects now account for 67.1 per cent of recruits, up from 58.5 per cent the previous year, it was revealed.


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