University manager numbers rising ‘twice as fast as academics’

From Times Higher Education:

The percentage increase in the number of managers in higher education in recent years is more than twice that for academics, an analysis of new figures has suggested.

Data released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency reveal there were 15,795 managers in higher education in December 2010 – up by almost 40 per cent on the 11,305 employed in the 2003-04 academic year.

That was compared to the 19.2 per cent increase in academics since 2003-04. It means there is now a manager for every 9.2 academics compared with a ratio of one to 10.8 seven years earlier.

Mathematical Cultures

Mathematics has universal standards of validity.  Nevertheless, there are local styles that result from national policies, charismatic individuals, historical circumstances, intellectual contexts and practical needs.  These differences matter, not least because they can affect the pace and direction of mathematical research.

The Arts and Humanities Research Council has made available funds to explore these mathematical cultures under its Science in Culture highlight notice.  This project will span three symposia, to take place at De Morgan House.

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