GCSEs in mathematics are to be toughened

 in The Telegraph:

GCSEs in key subjects such as English literature and mathematics are to be toughened up amid fears pupils are being allowed to pass with a superficial knowledge of the curriculum, it is announced today.

Examiners are being ordered to redraft syllabuses following warnings from the official qualifications watchdog that exams have become too easy. […]

Today, Ofqual will announce that GCSEs in English literature, mathematics, history, and geography will be re-written to provide the “appropriate range and depth of the subject”.

Glenys Stacey, the watchdog’s chief executive, said the watchdog was “tightening GCSEs in these key subjects to make sure students cover the whole curriculum”. […]

New-style geography and maths syllabuses will be improved for teaching from this autumn, while history and English literature papers will be overhauled in 2013.


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