This Journal and Blog provides the academic mathematical community with a forum for discussion of issues in mathematics education and education policy. Their aims are

  • to encourage academic mathematicians to reflect on current issues in mathematics education at all levels—from primary school to graduate studies,
  • to encourage them to explore links between higher mathematics and elementary mathematics,
  • to examine significant policy implications which may affect the wider mathematical, educational, or scientific community.
First posts and papers illustrate, but are in no way exhaustive of, the intended range of themes. If you wish to submit a contribution or a full paper, click here for instructions.
The Blog was quietly set up in October 2011 and since then got more than 10,000 hits, just by word of mouth, proving that it could serve the interests of the mathematics community.  Please help to spread the word futher and, if you have a blog or website, put this link there: The De Morgan Journalhttp://education.lms.ac.uk/

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