House of Lords, Call for Evidence: Higher Education in STEM Subjects

Call for Evidence: Higher Education in STEM Subjects
Deadline for submissions: 16 December 2011

It looks like the inquiry is very wide in its scope and open ended, and will take evidence which goes beyond the specific questions asked. But these questions are also quite interesting; a random example:

Should state funding be used to promote Masters degrees and is the balance right between the number of Masters degree students and PhD students?

The Sub-Committee further clarifies:

Witnesses are encouraged to focus on those issues of which they have particular knowledge or experience—submissions are not required to cover all questions.

Therefore it looks like evidence from mathematicians on matters of mathematics education in universities has a chance of being given consideration. Submissions should be sent preferably by email in Word format to; or they can be posted to: Elisa Rubio, Clerk to the Science and Technology Sub-Committee 1, House of Lords, London SW1A 0PW.

See more details in a local copy of Call for Evidence document.

A. Borovik


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